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Who I am

Legal professional experienced in legal research, drafting, discovery, e-discovery, and interviewing.

I entered law as a second career after working as a computer programmer, technical support engineer, helpdesk supervisor, and network engineer. I am experienced with multiple computer platforms including Windows, Apple (MacOS), Linux, and OS/2. I have written code in Ada, C++, HTML, and Java. I attended the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque earning a bachelors degree in economics. I earned a Juris Doctor from Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida where I was a staff editor on law review and an advocate / brief writer on the moot court team. I have clerked for attornies, and worked as a contractor performing e-discovery duties.


Florida is home to an abundant array of wildlife, plant life and cultures of people from around the globe. Many people know about the alligators and other reptiles (yes, they do visit you while on golf courses,) but the state is also home to several species of large cats and more birds than you could image. "Fly south for the winter" has real meaning in Florida.

Undergraduate Education

The University Of New Mexico in Albuquerque is the flagship university in the Land of Enchantment. With hundreds of engineering patents, over a thousand international students, 200 degree programs any dream can be realized at UNM. A powerhouse in Mountain West athletics, UNM has been home to stand out athletes and scholarly intellects since 1889.

Graduate Education

The Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida is a private law school that produces practice-ready graduates with experiences in real world legal matters. Several legal clinics are available here for clients to get real, attorney-supervised legal work done. The moot court honor program is nationally recognized by National Jurist Magazine and is consistently in the top twenty. The program was ranked number 1 three years running from 2013 to 2015. Graduation from this school allows students to sit for almost all U.S. bar exams.


I have spent two decades in technology development and support. I have worked for companies like Honeywell, McDonnell Douglas, CompuCom (with clients like Wal-Mart, Target, and Home Depot), Albuquerque Public Schools, Ross Aviation, and the Air Force Research Laboratory. In the legal world I have worked for a civil and criminal attorney as a law clerk (civil and criminal law), I worked in the business and entrepreneurial clinic at FCSL. I spent a year working in e-discovery for large law firms working large civil matters.

What I Do

I assist attorneys and clients with legal discovery, research, and the drafting of motions, memorandum, and client letters. I am experienced with relativity software, and the CORE online case management system utilized by Florida courts.

I am willing to assist in any matter for the Florida legal community. I perform pro bono work in environmental issues in North Florida concerning the maintenance and rebuilding of the coastal environment, including the dunes, riverport accesses, and reef construction. I will assist in any legal matter involving environmental law and animal rights.

Project Management

Organization at the beginning of any project or case is important. Understanding the desired outcomes provides the metrics used to ascertain the steps involved in building success. Understanding change management, and continuous improvement assures those outcomes. I am certified in the Baldrige Continuous Improvement model utilizing assessment criteria to improve all processes. Each revision change in case management process is documented and analyzed for maximum persuasive effect on the trier of fact.


I have extensive experience in technical documentation and revision control in projects like the flight deck communications suite of the Boeing 777 while at Honeywell Commercial Aviation in Phoenix, Arizona or advanced telephony networks for Inter-tel Communications. In Law, I have written motions to supress statements and evidence, motions to compel discovery, 10-day letters, and other communication with appropriate supervision. I have legal writings involving airline security, judicial campaigning, and Florida gun law legislation.

Legal Marketing

Marketing legal serivices is regulated by the Model Rules of Professional Conduct which are promulgated by the Amercian Bar Association and interpreted at the individual state level by the Florida Supreme Court. This site in itself is not an advertisement for legal services, simply an analysis of work I do. If you are a legal prossional looking for legal assistance in any employment setting, please contact me.

Delivering Excellence

The race isn't over until the finish line is crossed. Law, as in almost every other profession the finish line is in sight. The result is the score. Law is adversarial. Every word, comma, period, thought, point, paper, and argument have the finish line in sight. Maximum persuasive effect, linguistic efficiency, and good, common language is the norm for success in law.

Legal Research

I offer the following writings for analysis:
1. An analysis of whistleblower rights versus the needs of Homeland Security:
The Department of Homeland Security V. Maclean
2. An analysis of judicial campaign financing and the judicial rules:
Williams-Yulee V. The Florida Bar
3. An analysis of Florida gun legislation and the Obama Presidential executive order of 2015:
SHOWDOWN: Florida Gun Legislation and the Presidential Executive Order of 2015; SB-370, HB-935, HB-4011

Social Media Accounts Are Discoverable in Florida

You are walking through the outdoor mall one morning, iBook in one hand, a great coffee in the other. As you approach the bookstore to buy the latest techno thriller, you trip over a garden hose that a maintenance worker left across the sidewalk. After a visit to the ER, a hip replacement, and a month of missed work, you call a lawyer to sue for damages.... continue


These are some of my recent experiences and I am so excited to show them to you.


Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral


The Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral in France, It is built entirely in black lava stone, which makes it highly distinctive, and visible from a great distance. Its twin spires are 108 metres tall, and tower above the town's rooftops.

Washington, DC

The White House

The White House

The White House in Washington DC, Fall of 2016.

Veterans Moot Court Competition 2016

G.W. Law, Washington, DC

George Washington Law School

The NVLMCC was first organized in 2009 as the Veterans Law Appellate Advocacy Competition and is the nation’s premier moot court competition focusing on veterans law. Hosted every fall in Washington, D.C., the competition brings together teams of law students from around the country to argue cutting edge veterans law issues before panels of distinguished practitioners and judges.

Place de Jaude

The Center of Clermont-Ferrand

Southern France

The centre of Clermont-Ferrand is a busy place with few cars, perfect for a stroll alone or in groups.

The Colosseum

Rome, Italy


The Colosseum or Coliseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Canals

The Netherlands

The main canals, laid-out in a pattern of concentric half-circles, chronicle the growth of Amsterdam during the 17th century, its Golden Age..

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