Robert E. Gail, J.D.


I am a resident and legal professional in the state of Florida. Thank you for visiting my website. Here you will find links to my social profiles, pictures from around the world, and information about the legal system. This website is for personal contact and information only and is not meant to be legal advice or an advertisement for legal services. Only the template of this website is protected by copyrights, feel free to use anything else you find.

  • "For the pursuit of the law - always learning"
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The legal landscape has changed in the last fifteen years. In Florida, there are over 66,000 licensed attorneys for 20 million residents. That makes this state very well represented. There are twenty state judicial districts and three federal districts in a state known to be one of the first visited by the Europeans. The weather is warm and access to healthcare is abundant making Florida a retirement hotspot. The state is home to the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Jacksonville Jaguars, the Miami Marlins, and the Tampa Bay Rays.

The blog section of the website includes many writing samples I created in law school. I also have included briefs that were written by me and fellow classmates for moot court competitions.
Finalist, 2nd best brief - Gabrielli Family Law Moot Court Competition 2017
Semi-Finalist, 3rd best brief - National Veterans Moot Court Competition 2016
Quarter-Finalist - National Veterans Moot Court Competition 2015

Florida is home to an abundant array of wildlife, plant life and cultures of people from around the globe. Many people know about the alligators and other reptiles (yes, they do visit you while on golf courses,) but the state is also home to several species of large cats and more birds than you could image. “Fly south for the winter” has real meaning in Florida! .